Cemento Ltd is both excited and proud to be the UK partner of Sai Industries, the Italian manufacturer of Cimento™ (Patent Pending).

We act as sole distributor of Cimento™ panelling and furniture in Britain. Sai Industries have been involved in the building industry for many years and developed Cimento™ as a composite material, applying a special mix of cement to panels or sheets of a range of materials.  

Their goal was to give the appearance of bare concrete, preserving its power of expression, while significantly reducing the costs and installation time.

Cemento Ltd is an off-shoot of a well-established (over 25 years), design and manufacture company based in London. This connection offers the advantage of not only vast experience in the design world, but also the accreditation of high-profile clients. We've learnt that prompt delivery of high-spec designs are truly valued by architects and builders and we intend to continue offering this service to Cemento clients, whether commercial or domestic.

Our passionate belief in this exciting product ensures that we want to go the extra mile to please you. We see this as a journey of discovery; of finding ways to encapsulate the latest technical advances in the use of this amazing product that will satisfy even the most demanding requirements. We would love to hear from you so please do get in touch!

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