Cemento UK Ltd is the UK partner of the Italian company Sai Industry which has developed the revolutionary concrete product known as Cimento (Patent pending).

Sai Industry has been involved with the building trade for many years, always looking out for innovative products. Their creation, Cimento, is a lightweight and Eco concrete suitable for endless applications, both interior and exterior. New uses are being developed constantly as part of Sai’s research and development and we will have access to any new products as they are produced.

So, why are we excited?

Cimento is a composite material; a concrete mixture which can be applied to panels or sheets of a range of materials, from MDF to steel. It provides a strong, sustainable material enjoying all the benefits of concrete but without the drawbacks; possessing its unique appearance but without the high costs of labor involved in a wet installation. It’s quick to produce and install, in both domestic and commercial environments.